In the last five years we have grown from building just one houseboat every two months to our current level of 3 a month plus 6 log cabins every month. We are proud of the fact that since undertaking to provide free homes for our ex forces veterans that we have just this year reached our projected target for 2023. We are hoping that by March/April we shall have a video of a few of the projects where we have housed a number of these lads. It is very difficult and a sensitive area as the very nature these people, the pride of our forces, they do not ever like to be seen to be needy and requiring charity. They are also reluctant to have their families aware that they had reached rock bottom. Sadly due to our governments lack of support of our forces this is how things are. We at Welcome Aboard are trying to at least address the homeless issue that afflicts so many of our forces veterans on returning to the 'normal world' from postings in some of the worlds most inhospitable regions. I hope that by 2025 we will have housed 500 or more. This is our target. Thank you for taking the time to read this.     AMS

Award-winning designs

We have won 3 design awards in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Working with clients' ideas

We always listen to and take on board all our clients ideas and suggestions.

Detailed documentation

At every stage of our builds we provide detailed virtual data for our clients to view so keeping them fully up to date if they are not local to their project.

Fast and reliable

We pride ourselves in the fact that not once in nearly 5 years have we been late with completion of any of the many builds we have undertaken.